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Dances of the peoples of Russia

24 - 26 of May
We all know about the traditions of folk culture and carefully pass them on to the next generations. This is our heritage, and we have a responsibility to honor traditions and talk about them. Most have a clear idea of ​​what Russian folk dances look like; many even practiced them in childhood. But every people living in Russia has its own dances.
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The program awaits you:

“Squat” - a competition in yard football;

“The Basics” - an educational quiz-story on dance knowledge;

“The main thing is inside” - a culinary master class on making dumplings;

“Soaring Eagle and Dance of the Hare” - a search quest game;

“Evening dance” - evening music program;

“In the closet behind the assembly hall” - evening games with the animation team;

“Round dance birch” - master class on dancing;

“The Power of Sound” - adult disco;

"Raspberry Berry" - children's mini-disco.
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