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Historical parallels

19 - 21 of April
Arthurs Spa Hotel by Mercure invites you to travel to the distant past of our ancestors, and take the best from there and bring it to the present day. Come visit us, it will be interesting!

In a programme:

“My little blood” - a master class on drawing up a family tree;

“Deja Vu” - a search photo quest for orienting the Hotel in past years;

“The Smartest” - an educational quiz game on knowledge of historical figures;

“Bandito, Gangsterito...” is an exciting game of “Mafia” for everyone;

“From the Volga to the Yenisei” - children's mini-disco;

“Moscow Evenings” - a family karaoke song with the performance of favorite songs of past years;

“No need to be shy” - adult disco with Dj haka. 18+
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