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Children events

Children events
Every parent wants a thematic children's holiday to be held at a level: that the children are interested and having fun, that they are safe and satisfied. Usually this problem is especially acute when it is necessary to mark a children's birthday, congratulate the child, entertain him and his friends, make this day memorable. Tasks are complex, but quite solvable, especially if solved with the help of professionals.

Arthurs Village & Spa Hotel spends fascinating children's holidays with experienced animators in the Moscow region, in a protected area located in a coniferous forest. Here, in the open air, children can not only have fun, but also become healthier.

And they have an excellent entertainment and cognitive program. The hotel offers theatrical performances, discos, theme quests. Music accompaniment and design of the hall in the style of the chosen theme is agreed in advance. Within the framework of the events, master classes, table-mobile games, selected according to the age of the participants, and, of course, refreshments and gifts are provided. Children will be grateful for the holiday.

If you do not know where to celebrate children's birthday, pay attention to our programs.

  • Birthday with minions. The thematic children's holiday with the participation of all the favorite yellow heroes of the cartoon "Ugly I".
  • "Aboard". Adventure for real pirates. After all, every child in the soul of a pirate!
  • "Seven Magic Scrolls" is an exciting holiday for little princesses.

The celebration program includes:
  • quest game;
  • master class;
  • mini disco.

We conduct specially designed thematic quests:

Spy Kids 007. A search game with solving ciphers.
Eight mysterious scrolls. Tests and riddles.
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. The school of detectives and fascinating investigation.
Team of the Pollypolis. Games, training and dance competition.
Pirates of the Caribbean. Search for hidden treasures with the help of a secret card.

Thematic quests can be included in the birthday program. We also hold master classes for children: culinary, aqua-color, T-shirt painting, soap making, ball-making (creating figures from balls). The cost of our services (per hour, based on one animator per group of children up to 10 people):

Quest game to choose from - 5000 rubles
Master class to choose from - 5000 rubles