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Aroma massage

Aroma massage
This is a classical massage with aromatic oils. Aromatherapy promotes rejuvenation and healing, relieves stress and stress, normalizes the emotional state.

Massage is an important part of aromatherapy. It combines the benefits of massage manipulation and healing power of aromatic substances and has a beneficial effect on the work of the whole organism. Aroma oils are applied to the skin to warm up muscles and skin, and the influence of certain odors allows a person to calm down and relax.

Aroma massage is the absolute harmony of body and soul!




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Aroma massage 

The magic session of aroma massage starts fr om the moment you step over the threshold of the massage studio, wh ere you will plunge into a pleasant atmosphere, in which gentle soft music sounds, candles are lit, and the air is filled with soothing aromas. Then, together with the master, you will select essential and base oils, after which the magical immersion in the world of the aroma chosen by you in the process of self-diagnosis will begin, according to your inner perception.

Massage itself is both a strengthening and relaxing procedure, during which the essential oils are gently rubbed into the skin, emitting its beneficial aromas and contributing to the relaxation of the body and the removal of stress.



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