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Discover the oldest healing system in India, the great Vedic tradition of health and longevity!

Ayurveda considers the true beauty of a person to be only that which is composed of beauty external, internal and spiritual. Working on these three aspects, either of us is able to achieve a balanced state of the organism radiating health and to open the most harmonious and integral personality that was inherent from the very beginning.

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Ayurvedic massage "Abhyanga" 

Abhyanga combines several wellness procedures at the same time: aromatherapy, classical and acupressure. This procedure has a deeper and broader impact on human health than massage, due to a special technique of natural harmonization of the body, emotions and psyche.



Ayurvedic ritual of Shirodhara

It is aimed at restoring bodily and spiritual health. The main goal is to balance the emotional state and activate the internal resources of the person. This ritual has no equal for a relaxing and soothing effect. It is indicated for chronic fatigue and depression. Due to the unique massage technique combined with the effect of warm oil on certain points of the forehead area, Shirodhara struggles with insomnia and headaches, relaxes muscles, smooths facial wrinkles, and also strengthens the hair.



Beauty ritual "Udvartana"

The secret to the perfection of your skin is a magnificent herbal peeling massage. Udwartana is a compulsory, centuries-old pre-wedding ritual in India for both spouses. Deep massage of the whole body with the application of a warmed herbal paste, special flour, clay and even spices. By combining the components, the biologically active points of the body are affected, the work of the nervous system is improved, slags are removed, and subcutaneous fat is also split.



Face Marma
Indian technology that combines lymphatic drainage, work with the muscles of the face, neck, and décolleté. Relieves stress, improves complexion, prevents wrinkles. Harmonizes energy and improves the work of internal organs. This is a unique method of relaxation therapy, Ayurvedic acupressure with the use of sesame oil in combination with essential oils.



Shirokhyanga (head and neck-collar zone massage) 
This Ayurvedic procedure, built in India in the rank of art, makes it possible to simultaneously receive both aesthetic pleasure and a healing effect.

Perfectly removes fatigue and tension, improves skin and hair.



Mukhabhyanga (head, arms, cervico-collar zone, back)

It maintains a good tone and elasticity of all layers of the skin, relieves stress throughout the body, filling it with energy. Releases repressed emotions, opens the mind for new ideas and positive thoughts, improves memory.



Very effective foot massage (up to the hips) with medicinal oils. During the massage, special points are activated - marmas, which allows you to influence most internal organs. Soothes, relieves nervous tension and tired legs. Promotes normalization of arterial pressure. Cleans and nourishes the skin. Normalizes the activity of the sweat glands of the feet, which removes hyperhidrosis.



Exclusive massage and body care. 

The first stage of the procedure is Abhyanga. The technique of this ritual is energetic and relaxing at the same time. This helps to release the body from toxins and bring the muscles into tone. Healing oil in the process of soaking affects the deep layers of the skin, making it soft and supple.
The second stage - Udvartana - massage herbal paste. Rejuvenates the skin, reduces subcutaneous fat deposits, improves blood circulation, relieves pain in the joints.
Complementing, the third stage is a restoring hair mask that strengthens bulbs and cortex, stimulates growth, and also nourishes the scalp.



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