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Going to rest in the suburbs, it should be remembered that such a choice can give no less impressions than a trip to more remote corners of the planet. The main thing is to plan everything correctly. One-day excursion or a weekend tour with a visit to the most interesting places of the Moscow region will be an opportunity to come into contact with the history and culture of our country and spend time in nature. In such a tour, you can go with the whole family, because it will not be too tiring even for toddlers. We want to recommend you the sights of the Moscow region, which you can visit during your stay at Arthurs Village & Spa Hotel.

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    Ecopark "Sokolnik"

    We invite all guests to an exciting excursion to the falconry museum. You will visit the exhibition of hunting birds, get acquainted with the participants of falconry and take part in their training.

    Museum of Falconry, d. Lyskovo (Field on the right), Moscow Region, 141052

    Distance from the hotel: 1.4 km.

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    Ancient Manor of Marfino

    Ancient manor Marfino, which is an original monument of Russian architecture of the XVIII - XIX centuries, famous for its palace and park ensemble, magnificent receptions and theatrical performances. The Manor of Marfino and today represents one of the remarkable pages of the history of Russian architecture and you can make an unforgettable walk or hold a stunning wedding photo session in this unique and romantic place.

    39th km of Dmitrovskoye highway, Marfino settlement

    Distance from the hotel: 1.4 miles

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    Assumption Cathedral

    The central place in the Kremlin is occupied by the Assumption Cathedral, built in 1509 - 1533 years. In the architecture of the Assumption Cathedral the influence of Italian masters is noticeable; there is a suggestion that it was built by invited Italians, besides, in a number of ways of building it is very close to the Archangel Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin. Inside the temple is adorned with the magnificent carved five-tier iconostasis of the end of the 17th century, preserved to this day. The icons on this iconostasis are more than five hundred years old.

    Historical Sq., 11, Dmitrov, Moscow Region, 141802

    Distance from the hotel: 35.6 km.

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    The Boris and Gleb Monastery

    On one of the hills of the city of Dmitrov rises in all its snow-white splendor Borisoglebsky monastery. Borisoglebsky monastery was first mentioned in the annals under the year 1472. The ensemble of the Borisoglebsky Monastery is known since 1462. The Cathedral of Boris and Gleb - the center of the architectural ensemble was built in 1537 and was rebuilt several times. He admires the laconic, simple silhouette of the cathedral, one of the oldest on Moscow land.

    Minina st., 4, Dmitrov, Moscow region., 141800

    Distance from the hotel: 35 km

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    Church of the Nativity

    Through the channel you can see the heads of the Church of the Nativity of Christ, which stands in the possession of the Suvorovs. The father-in-law of the famous commander, General-Anchef VI, found his last refuge there. Suvorov. These edges preserve the memory of AV Suvorov himself.

    Novomytischinsky Ave, 6, Mytishchi, Moscow region., 141002

    Distance from the hotel: 48 km

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    Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

    Built in 1675-77 years. The temple is two-light, five-domed, with a refectory. The main decoration of it is the western extension, which has the appearance of a porch, crowned with a "barrel", which is typical for wooden architecture. For many years the temple and the nearby palace were the residence of Queen Elizabeth and Catherine II, in the retinue of the latter were Rumyantsev, Potemkin, Dolgorukov, Razumovsky, and others.

    Central Street, Mytischi, Moscow Region, 141000

    Distance from hotel: 44.3 km

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    Holy Trinity Sergius Lavra

    The most famous Russian monastery, the largest center of Russian spiritual culture and enlightenment.

    You will learn about the life of the founder of the monastery - one of the most revered Russian saints, St. Sergius of Radonezh. You will get acquainted with the history of the monastery, connected with the key events of the history of our Motherland and with the names of the most famous figures of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian state.

    Sergiev Posad, Moscow Region, 141300

    Distance from the hotel: 74 km.

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    Museum "Dmitrovsky Kremlin"

    The Dmitrovsky Kremlin Museum-Reserve is a local history museum of the Dmitrovsky Krai, located in the historic center of the city of Dmitrov. In 2014 the museum celebrated its 95th anniversary.

    Twelve buildings are located in the museum-reserve structure. Six of them are monuments of federal significance located on the territory of the Dmitrov Kremlin.

    Historical Sq., 1, Dmitrov, Moscow region., 141800

    Distance from hotel: 35 km.

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    Factory of miniature lacquer painting "Fedoskino"

    Very interesting and small museum. In Fedoskino, in the estate of merchants Lutukiny, the very first factory of lacquer miniature was created in Russia. The museum is in the main house of the manor.

    The story of the factory is told, which can be seen across the road from the museum.

    Fedoskino, Moscow Region, 141052

    Distance from the hotel: 14.9 km.

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    Zhostovo factory of decorative painting

    In the ancient village of Zhostovo for almost two centuries, they produce trays, famous for their unique painting. The year of occurrence of production is 1825.

    Trays are appreciated in our country and abroad.

    Central Street, Zhostovo, the city of Moscow, 141036

    Distance from the hotel: 49.2 km.

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    Mytishchi Historical and Art Museum

    Mytishchi Historical and Art Museum is the main central museum of local lore in Mytishchi district.

    Mytishchi Historical and Art Museum

    This regional museum collected several interesting expositions at once - both archaeological, historical and cultural, and artistic. One of them is devoted to the history of the region of the times of Ivan the Terrible, when the local village of Taininskoye was the domain of the bloody sovereign.

    Mira st., 4, Mytischi, Moscow region., 141008

    Distance from the hotel: 43.6 km.

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    Museum and memorial complex "HISTORY OF TANK T-34"

    The only museum in the world of the legendary machine.

    Museum and memorial complex "History of the T-34 tank"

    This museum is dedicated to the legendary Soviet tank, which won the Great Patriotic War. Until now, the T-34 is considered an example of a successful combination of technical and tactical characteristics, causing a well-deserved admiration of specialists all over the world.

    Dmitrovskoe sh., 89A, der. Sholokhov, Moscow Region, 141052

    Distance from hotel: 10,4 km.

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