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The spa uses Italian and French cosmetics Comfort Zone, Algotherm, Alina Zanskar.

Guests can buy a favorite brand and extend their spa after a rest.


About brands

[ comfort zonecomfortzone1.png ] This is a professional premium cosmetic brand, combining innovative means and procedures for face and body. The head office, laboratories and factories of the company are located in the city of Parma in Italy. Throughout the world, the brand has been recognized by cosmetologists and many international awards and prizes.
Impressive aesthetic result and pleasure. Each product combines the latest innovative developments and patented ingredients, ancient traditions and the wisdom of nature. In our own laboratories we combine innovative molecular formulas with natural active ingredients obtained fr om the most diverse corners of the planet: France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Morocco. Means do not contain parabens, silicones, mineral oils, dyes. A wide brand menu allows everyone to create an individual program for highly effective skin care.

indibird.pngIndibird brand. The exclusive supplier of high-quality products for body, face and hair care. All products are made according to the recipes of the ancient Indian healing tradition of Ayurveda and produced in the best factories in India. Cosmetics and care Indibird is a natural herbal remedy made on the basis of cold pressed oils and selected herbs.

The basis of the Indibird range is cosmetics for the face - creams, oils, dry masks, tonics and natural floral waters; cosmetic means for hair care - natural oils fr om hair loss and for hair growth, masks from dandruff, shampoos; Cosmetics for the body - massage oils, creams; hygiene means - shower gels, soap.

labio.pngBrand La Biosthetique Paris is known as the creator of exclusive luxury products. Using valuable natural ingredients guaranteeing absolute safety of all products. Thanks to the continuous and serious scientific research of La Biosthetique, the products are characterized by impeccable quality and high efficiency. Products are not tested on animals.


alina1.pngBrand Alina Zanskar is modern brand, focused on the synthesis of traditions of different countries and peoples. The processing of world-wide knowledge and creation of author's technologies and beauty recipes takes place on the basis of laboratories located in the UK and Russia. Ingredients for brand products are collected all over the world. To produce the final product, Alina Zanskar has a production base in various countries, which makes it possible to produce cosmetic products in places wh ere it is most organic, in terms of the growth of the main components and the processing technology used. Alina Zanskar creates special rituals of SPA-inspiration. It is the ability to feel the philosophy of SPA and to embody it in cosmetic products and procedures, distinguishes a professional brand, exclusively developed for work in SPA-centers.

Alina Zanskar presents 6 lines of professional body care products (Body Studio direction), as well as facial care products (Face Studio direction).
Alina Zanskar develops not only individual cosmetic products, but also author's methods of creating and modeling beauty. Beauty is a state not only of the body, but also of emotions, consciousness, and soul.

5.pngThe brand La Sultane de Saba was born out of a dream ...
Dreams of luxury, travel and leisure ...
La Sultane de Saba (The Qeen Savskaya) is very ancient oriental ritual of beauty. Through authentic and original products, with many fragrances, the brand aims to give you dreams of traveling, discovering distant horizons, wh ere the body and soul return to the sources of relaxation and relaxation. Inspired by the ritual of the beauty of the mystical East and Asia, La Sultane de Saba offers several scales of products, as part of a unique and magical authenticity. Magic fragrances are unforgettable!Lines for face and body care are designed for SPA centers equipped with hammam.
The professional products as well as the La Sultane de Saba home care line are represented in SPA centers on 5 continents: in France, England, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal, Austria, Russia, Israel, Emirates, Japan, Korea, USA , Australia, Singapore, New Caledonia, Gabon and other countries.
Such major brands as Galeries Lafayette, Sephora, Elytis and many others around the world have chosen the brand La Sultane de Saba for its exceptional quality.

6.pngProfessional cosmetics for hair Lebel was established in 1977 in Japan by the world-famous corporation Takara Belmont, founded more than 80 years ago. Lebel has been successfully developing products for the care of hair and scalp for more than 35 years. Over the years, a small company has turned into a large company and today it is the No. 1 brand in the market of professional hair cosmetics for luxury in Japan.
Lebel is a synthesis of advanced technologies and traditional Japanese quality. Lebel scientists constantly work on creating unique products that meet the requirements of the time - Spa for hair, restoring hair masks, restoring shampoos for hair, care for colored hair and much more. Innovations Lebel almost always become an international standard and a guide for many cosmetics manufacturers. Over the years, Lebel is the supplier of the imperial court.

7.pngLaboratoires  RENOPHASE® was created more than 30 years ago by the French doctor-pharmacologist Michel Imar du Vernet. All this time the laboratory is engaged in the study of skin cells, studies the possibilities of their regeneration and successfully applies the results obtained in cosmetic dermatology.
The new RENOPHASE line is developed using the latest technologies, which allows to reduce the drug consumption, intensify its effect, prolong the effect. Updated compositions of products for professional and home use are especially effective due to the use of a unique technology - CHRONODIFFUSION.

Laboratoires RENOPHASE® is popular in more than 30 countries of the world - in Europe and Russia the demand for RENOPHASE cosmeceuticals is constantly increasing. The laboratory is the leader in photorejuvenation and the developer of the concept of photodynamic peelings. Exclusive technologies used in the creation of the renewed cosmeceutical line RENOPHASE, open new horizons for the restoration of face, neck and hands. Wrinkles, chrono and photo aging, hormonal skin aging, hyperpigmentation, scars, acne, enlarged pores, cellulitis, striae, dull skin color, dehydration, atonic condition, liquid seborrhea - with these and other aesthetic problems the new line Laboratoires RENOPHASE® successfully copes.


MASURA was founded in 2002. Initially enters the Russian market with an extensive series of products for the Japanese manicure: more than 40 products are aimed at treating the natural nail plate.

In 2003, the company opens its own Training Center for Manicure Managers to deliver cutting-edge modeling and nail treatment technologies.

In the following years the company produces and presents high quality products for nail modeling in the Russian market, professional SPA lines for hands and feet, decorative cosmetics for hands, equipment for beauty salons.

Innovative technologies, which we use in the development of each cosmetic product, our love for natural and environmentally friendly ingredients, a wide range of colors of gel varnishes and bio gels, fashion trends, reasonable prices, constant striving for excellence are the secrets of MASURA's success.

9.pngDevoted Creations is a quality line of tanning cosmetics in the solarium, manufactured in the USA. Located in sunny California, the factory Devoted Creations, has developed cosmetics specifically for Hollywood stars and is always aware of the latest fashion trends of healthy sunburners, for whom quality skin care and its youth are very important. A wide range of tanning cosmetics in the solarium from DC allows you to choose the best cream for any type of skin. High standards of quality of cosmetics have made the brand Devoted Creations one of the most sought-after cosmetics for the solarium and autosunburns.


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