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Team building

Team building
Our partners - active recreation club "Strateg" offer fascinating and interesting programs for team building (team building) for corporate guests.

1. Teambuilding in the format of "Big races" (sports)
Competitions are formed in such a way that not the physical superiority of one participant would lead to victory, but the competent work of the entire team. In this team building team compete among themselves in relay races. In contrast to the classic teambuilding, the sport is more adventurous and cheerful. Each relay race uses special equipment. The hit of the program is "Bumperball", which can be used both within the program and as an independent contest.
2. Teambuilding in the format of "Culinary Duel" (creative)
Promotes the disclosure of the internal potential, which is sometimes not suspected by the participants themselves. The program gives people the ability to smile, enjoy life, to be creative about solving any problems.
3. Teambuilding "The secret of success" (intellectual)
Will help to form and work out the interactions between the members of your team. In this program, the team does not compete in relay races with other teams, they pass the tests and perform the assigned tasks independently, i.e. form cohesion, mutual understanding and other qualities.
4.Timbuilding "Strike-safari" (thematic)
The adventure takes place on ATV / snowmobile, which is ideal for young active people who love adrenaline splash (the program is modeled from the project "Tank biathlon").

* All programs include the services of a presenter, DJ and photographer.
* Also the Club of active rest and sports "Strategist" can develop individual programs!

"Strategist" is a team of creative and enthusiastic people. We will be able to infect your employees with creativity!