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Active rest


Rest in Moscow region - what to do:

  • 1
    Go for a walk - on the vast territory of the hotel there is an interesting landscape: a pine forest, a birch grove, then alpine meadows. You can wander all day on the well-groomed paths, but you can combine business with pleasure and do Scandinavian walking. In winter, the best active holiday in the suburbs is skiing, sledging, ice rink, roller-coaster ride and other entertainments. If you do not have your own equipment, then it can be rented at the rental offices on site. And in the summer you can rent roller skates. Rent is open every day fr om 9:00 to 21:00.
  • 2
    Ride a bicycle in a clean forest, alone, together or the whole family through a pine forest. Those who like cycling will like the hotel's picturesque surroundings and fresh air. In the absence of a bicycle, you can also take it in rent.
  • 3
    To play football, basketball, volleyball - the Arthurs SPA hotel offers those who like such an active holiday, multifunctional sports grounds. In winter, there is an ice rink for children and adults, and skates can be taken at the rental office if necessary. Also here are open tennis courts with special coating, tennis equipment can also be rented at the rental office.
  • 4
    Fighting in paintball is a popular active corporate holiday. A diverse landscape with obstacles and ambushes makes this game especially fascinating. You can play in different scenarios, you can arrange a real military episode. Also on the territory of the complex is a shooting gallery, wh ere you can pre-practice in accuracy.
  • 5
    Doing sports with children does not necessarily have to wait for a vacation to prove yourself as an active caring parent. You can go on holiday for the weekend in the nearest suburbs. The Arthurs SPA hotel provides many opportunities to spend time with the whole family in an interesting and useful way. You can spend time on the playground, play volleyball and badminton, together master roller skates, instruct the child to ride a bicycle or shoot. And, of course, everyone will enjoy joint walks in the picturesque area of the hotel.
  • 6
    Take part in the sports festival. Arthurs SPA regularly hosts sports, quests and games for children and adults. You can try your hand at the team, beating opponents in volleyball, go to the competitions, which the animation team conducts. Our animators tend to diversify leisure and offer unusual and amusing competitions, for example, in rowing or Beerpong.

We hold sports tournaments in mini-football and team games-relay, familiar from childhood. An active sports festival can also diversify corporate leisure or become the basis for a team building event.

Price list


Time (hour)

Price (rub.)

RENT OF SPORT EQUIPMENT (from 09am. to 9pm.)

Sport bike (for adults)

1 500

Bike (for children)

1 450

Bike (for kids)

1 400

Balls (volleyball, football, basketball)




1 200

Ping-pong (rackets, 1 ball)

30 min 250
   1 500

Additional racket (for ping-pong)

1 100

Additional racket (for tennis)

1 200

Backgammon, chess, checkers (optional)

1 150


1 250

Scooter, skate (optional)

1 200


15 min 200
     1 700
  3 1700

Velomobil (family, for 4 guests)

15 min 250
   30 min  500
  1  900

Electric car (for children)

10 min 250
  30 min 550
  1 900



Outdoor court (rackets, 1 ball)

1 1500

Closed court (rackets, 1 ball)

1 2000

Provision of a multipurpose hall for sports games (football, basketball, volleyball)

1 2000

Provision of a football field

1 1500

Providing a basketball field

1 1500

Providing the «Russian Banya» SPA (up to 10 guests) from 2 hours

1 3000

Providing the «Russian Banya» VILLAGE (up to 8 guests) from 2 hours

1 4000

Services bathhouse attendant 

15 min by agreement

Birch broom


Broom oak 


Provision of territory for paintball

2 5300

Shooting range


1 shot


1 crossbow shot


Tackles for fishing


Catamaran (1-4 guests) 

15 min 250
  30 мин 350

Boat (1-4 guests)

15 min 250
   30 min  350

Ski kit for an adult (skis, sticks, boots, disposable socks)

1 400

Ski kit for a child from 3 to 12 years (skis, sticks, shoes, disposable socks)

1 300

Skates from 35 to 45 size (skates, disposable socks, skate covers)

1 300

The stick for winter hockey (stick + washer)

1 200


1 200

Plastic ledyanka

1 100

Felt boots

1 100


1 350

Electrician services when connecting electric consumers up to 3 kW


Electrician services when connecting electric consumers from above 3 kW to 10 kW


Electrician services when connecting electric consumers over 10 kW (per kW)


Rigging 1 person / hour