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Contrasting procedures

Contrasting procedures
Contrasting procedures are wonderfully refreshing and invigorating after visiting baths and saunas. Stressful temperature changes have a beneficial effect on the lymphatic system, making the skin elastic and smooth. The body, heated in the steam room, reacts to ice washing with a whole complex of positive effects. The procedure tones, hardens and gives a general health-improving effect. For the visitors of the spa in the Wellness zone there is an ice fountain, the Kneip path and impressions shower.

Shower impressions. It is a different types of water jets: from weightless cool fog to tropical rain with huge drops. The effect is supplemented by varying temperature regimes, multicolor illumination and unique flavors. Each of the four showers will give a bright sensation after the sauna, pool or at the end of the workout.

The ice fountain is a bowl with ice crystals. Ice is used to wipe the body. Stress relieves feelings of anxiety, tones up and strengthens the skin, stimulates lymph circulation, improves the functioning of the immune system.

The Kneipp path is a series of alternating tanks with cold and warm water. Increases the general tone, favorably affects the cardiovascular activity of the body.

The complex use of classical services such as baths, saunas and baths, with refreshing contrasting procedures, contributes to a more pronounced health and cosmetic effect.

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